Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iranian MP: Russia Tehran’s ally, defending own national interests

The spokesman for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has said Russia is an ally of the Islamic Republic and it is acting to protect its national interests.

Mahmood Abbaszadeh was answering questions in an interview regarding Moscow’s role in the pause in the Vienna talks.

He said Russia is Iran’s trading partner and acts as an ally in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The MP noted that Russia has demanded guarantees from the US in regard to Ukraine-related sanctions and this is something between Moscow and Washington.

Abbaszadeh noted that Russia has supported Iran more than before during the latest round of negotiations in Vienna.

The spokesman also noted that after Iran and the P4+1 group reached the political stage of negotiations in Vienna, talks have slowed down a bit and this is something that goes back to before the Ukraine conflict.

He added that Iran is trying not to be affected by this issue, which means that talks with the P4+1 are an independent issue and have nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis.

Abbaszadeh said Iran and the other sides have resolved 90 percent of their differences, and only a few ones, including the issue of guarantees, remain, and that Tehran believes a good agreement will not be reached unless these disputes are resolved.

The lawmaker added that the Western side has failed to fulfill its obligations in the past, and Iran wants a guarantee mechanism in this agreement.

According to him, there are also a few anti-Iran sanctions that the West wants to maintain, but the parliament will not accept this.

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