Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Iranian MP: Russia seeks tensions regarding nuclear issue

A high-ranking Iranian member of parliament says Russia's approach during the Vienna talks shows that the country needs tensions in the region, especially over the nuclear issues, in order to divert world public opinion from its policies on regional issues.

Shahriar Heydari, Deputy Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran’s parliament referred to Moscow’s demand for guarantees from the US that its ties with Iran will not be affected by Ukraine-related sanctions on the Kremlin after the revival of the JCPOA.

He said Russia is currently embroiled in the Ukraine conflict and is heavily involved with European countries and NATO members, so it’s seeking an escape from this military, geographical and political impasse.

“I believe Ukraine was a trap for Russia, and today it has to take some actions in order to portray the situation in the region as normal, while that is not the case and the dire situation is due to the troubles Moscow is facing”, he noted.

Heydari however said Russia’s role in the Vienna negotiations is important, and we expect that Moscow, as a neighboring country, to play a more honest role regarding the nuclear deal.

He noted, “We do not trust any of the parties to the JCPOA because the reality is that each of these countries cares about its own interests.”

This comes as the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday praised Russia’s stance during the Vienna talks.

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