Knowledge-Based Firms of Iran to Exhibit Products in Uzbekistan

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firms to Exhibit Products in Uzbekistan

An exhibition of products and services by Iranian knowledge-based companies will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan soon.

The event is arranged by Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. Iranian knowledge-based firms will travel to Uzbekistan for three days on December 11 this year to showcase their technological capabilities at an exhibition in the central Asian country.

The exhibition will be attended by Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce Reza Rahmani, and also the head of the Centre for International Interactions of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.

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In recent years, Iran and Uzbekistan have agreed to launch a new era of bilateral cooperation.

Tehran and Tashkent have many common interests in regional, international and bilateral dimensions. Meanwhile, bilateral cooperation of the countries’ knowledge-based firms could lead to the scientific and technological development of both countries.

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