Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iranian Interior Minister: No clues yet as to what happens in girl schools, no arrests made

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says he has received no reports yet that a toxic substance was used to poison students in different cities.

Vahidi added that officials have launched an investigation into the matter though.

He also said most of the students who were admitted to hospitals with a sore throat or with dizziness were discharged quickly without receiving any special treatment.

The interior minister underlined that some 10 students who already had medical conditions were hospitalized.

Vahidi said officials have not yet found any clues as to what caused the problems, noting that a great percentage of complaints about headaches or dizziness among students were due to the stress they were experiencing.

Earlier, an informed source told Iran’s Fars News Agency that three people have been arrested in connection with the poisoning of school girls in several Iranian cities. Unconfirmed reports say the poisoning could be a false flag operation by a counterrevolutionary group.

An Iranian MP said on Wednesday that 900 students have been so far poisoned.

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