Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iranian Girl Converts Minibus into Lovely Mobile Bookstore

A young Iranian lady has come up with the idea of converting a minibus into a book shop, but she is not old enough yet to drive her “mobile” bookstore.

Mahdieh Ahmadi, the mobile bookstore owner, was born in city of Arak in the central Iranian province of Markazi in 1997.

She has been involved with books since she was a child. Her grandfather was the first book seller in Arak. Book-selling has been job in their family passed on through generations.

Currently, Mahdieh’s father, sisters and brother run book shops in Arak, too. However, Mahdieh was thinking of an innovation in her job until she came up with the idea of running a mobile book shop. She is not allowed to drive heavy vehicles as she is too young, and she cannot drive a minibus for the next two years.

Her book shop is located at a stationary place at the moment. She has to wait until she gets old enough to be able to drive a large vehicle that would serve as a mobile book shop.

What follows are Mehr News Agency’s photos of the mobile bookstore:

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