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Iranian FM: Tehran, P4+1 close to deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has said Iran and the P4+1 group of countries are close to a deal but some important issues remain that need to be resolved.

In a televised interview, Amir Abdollahian noted that in his visit to Tehran, EU Deputy Foreign Policy Chief Enrique Mora will hold talks over the latest discussions in Vienna between the two sides.

He also said any deal between Tehran and the P4+1 will not go beyond the 2015 nuclear deal, known as JCPOA.

The Iranian foreign minister added that the two parties made great progress in negotiations over sanctions removal in Vienna.

He said the US delegation pushed for direct talks with Iran in Vienna and said they sought to show Washington had good faith, but Iran rejected the offer and told the US team if they had good faith, they must remove the sanctions.

The top Iranian diplomat maintained that any sanctions removal guarantee from the other sides must be approved by the Iranian parliament.

He also accused the US side of making exorbitant demands, which hamper the Vienna talks.

Amir Abdollahian noted that Iran is receiving conflicting messages from the US and that Iran will not back down on its nuclear achievements unless it receives solid guarantees.

Amir Ambdollahin once again blamed the pause in the negotiations on the US.

He also spoke of the need for the US to remove Iranian state organizations including the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) from its terror blacklist. He said the US must view the IRGC as a defensive organization.

Amir Abdollahian underscored that the top commanders of the IRGC always urge the Foreign Ministry to not prioritize the issue of sanctions on the force and to do what serves the national interests of the country.

He described this as a sign of self-sacrificing by the IRGC but noted that the force is a key institution in Iran.

He said if the US officials are realistic, a deal is within reach.

The foreign minister added that Iran and the EU troika – Britain, France and Germany – drew up a draft deal that needs to be finalized.

Addressing the West, Amir Abdollahian said, “If you want your concerns to be dispelled, remove the oppressive sanctions.”

On ties with Saudi Arabia, the Iranian foreign minister said circumstances of talks between Tehran and Riyadh have changed following the recent mass execution in the kingdom.

“We welcome normalization with the Saudis but expect them to play a constructive role”, Amir Abdollahian noted.

He also spoke of the Yemen war. The top diplomat said during the talks with the Saudis, they placed some demands on Iran and sought at the negotiating table what they have failed to achieve at the battlefield.

Amir Abdollahian said Iran does not want the war to drag on because this does not benefit anyone

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