Friday, May 17, 2024

Iranian firms unlock exclusive German software to raise natural gas production

Iranian knowledge-based companies have managed to unlock the software managing pressure of natural gas at Nar and Kangan gas field in the south of the country, raising the production level.

“After repeated harvesting from a natural gas reservoir, the gas field needs to reduce pressure to enable greater extraction,” Managing Director of South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company said.

“The compressor in this station was made by a German company and the firm refused to offer us services due to sanctions and even advised that any reduction in pressure could be dangerous,” Abolhassan Mohamamdi said.

He said this led the company to seek help from knowledge-based companies to recalibrate the compressor for greater extraction from the field.

Mohammadi said the knowledge-based companies managed to unlock the compressor’s software and re-design it to enable a reduction in pressure. 

He said this enabled his company to increase its extraction of natural gas from the field by 30 percent to 20 million cubic meters a day.

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