Friday, June 14, 2024

Iranian Firm Improves Quality of Hand-Woven Carpets with Silver Nanoparticles

An Iranian company producing hand-woven carpets has enhanced the quality of its products by utilizing special yarn containing silver nanoparticles, which has antibacterial properties and prevents a musty smell of carpet in humid environments.

Microbes, bacteria, and microorganisms like ‘Corynebacterium xerosis’ are among the common factors causing disease, infection and unpleasant odor. While detergents and disinfectants are known as a routine remedy for these microorganisms, an Iranian company producing hand-woven carpets has found a neat solution: yard containing silver nanoparticles.

The carpets produced in the Iranian company have antibacterial properties and do not absorb any odor, such as from the human body sweat in the crowded places like mosques and living rooms.

In addition, the natural materials in the hand-woven carpet’s yarn contain a series of proteins that could produce clothes moth or carpet beetle. The carpets woven in the Iranian company are moth-resistant due to antibacterial properties.

The technology used in spinning the yarn of these carpets is so advanced that the nanoparticles never come off the thread. As a result, the silver nanoparticles will remain in the yarn forever in all conditions as the carpet is washed, folded, shaken, swept or brushed.

CEO of the Iranian company says the carpets are being exported to the United States and Spain, noting that the company’s products have received quality certification from the Iranian Nanotechnology Promotion Headquarters and the Health Ministry.

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