Thursday, February 29, 2024

Iranian daily calls out Russian ambassador to Tehran for “insults”

Iran’s Jomhouri Eslami newspaper has slammed what it called the Russian ambassador’s push to score points against Iran to secure concessions.

The daily wrote in an article that Levan Dzhagaryan “as part of his acts of meddling in Iran’s domestic affairs and his provocative acts”, which the daily said represent an insult to the Iranian nation, has made allegations about Iran’s debt to Russia worth hundreds of millions of euros.

“There are things that I do not want to expose but what is clear is that Iran owes us hundreds of millions of euros and does not pay its debt,” Dzhagaryan recently said.

The daily said the comments contain at least two instances of insult. One, it said, is the “thing that I do not want to expose”, which that daily said any such comment is “worse than revealing the worst treachery and corruption”.

Jomhouri Eslami also said talking about such a debt to Russia in an interview addressed to the public is another “open insult” and “outside the framework of the duties of an ambassador.

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