Friday, December 2, 2022

Iran Warns about Saudi Arabia’s “Divisive” Policies

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has warned about the destructive consequences of Saudi Arabia’s “divisive and half-baked” policies for the entire region.

In reaction to the anti-Iran comments made by Saudi foreign minister in a recent TV interview, Qassemi slammed the “cheap and insulting” remarks, and described them as a continuation of the earlier “baseless and illogical” allegations.

“During the interview, the Saudi foreign minister distorted the realities and once again began a futile attempt, which he had repeatedly made in the past, to distract the world’s public opinion from the destabilizing measures of his country in the region,” Qassemi said in his Saturday statement.

“This comes as the regional states and nations are well aware of Saudis’ divisive policies which are now focused on destabilizing Lebanon following the chaos in the Persian Gulf and Yemen.”

Rejecting all the claims made by the Saudi foreign minister, Qassemi referred to the reckless crimes of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and said the Saudis have raised the level of their blame-game to its highest level.

“While being the cradle of extremism and a clear symbol of terrorist attacks and stark interference in other countries’ internal affairs, Saudi Arabia deceitfully accuses other states of sponsoring terrorism,” he said.

Qassemi also referred to the latest developments in the region and said the Islamic Republic of Iran has never spared any effort to contribute to the regional and international stability since a long time ago. “But today the security and peace of the region are being challenged by half-baked extremist policies.”

He said the policies are partly aimed at distracting public opinion from the self-made internal and external plights, stressing that coping with the dire consequences of the plights requires the strong will and determination of all regional states.

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