Monday, October 3, 2022

Iran Warns French President over Interventionist Remark

Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior aide to Iran’s Leader, has warned French President Emmanuel Macron against interfering in the internal affairs of Iran, saying such meddlesome comments are not in the interests of Macron and his country.

Velayati on Saturday referred to the latest meddlesome statements of Macron about Iran’s missile program and called on the French president to follow the footstep of French ex-President Charles de Gaulle and remain at least semi-independent when it comes to foreign policy.

In a Farsi interview with ISNA, he rejected Macron’s anti-Iran rhetoric and added “it is in the interest of Mr. Macron and France not to meddle in Iran’s missile program as well as our strategic affairs which are of great importance for us because such statements will only damage the respect that the Islamic Republic has for France.”

“As an Iranian who is familiar with the French foreign policy and history, I advise the French president to follow the footstep of General De Gaulle and adopt a semi-independent stance in foreign policy,” he said.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran will not seek permission from others to press ahead with its missile program and they are not in a position to tell Iran whether or not it should have missile or how far the range of its missiles should be.

“Iran’s missile program is none of Mr. Macron’s business. He is not in a position to discuss such issues. If he likes to have our ties expanded, he should stop such meddlesome statements because they are against France’s national interests,” he noted.

The Iranian official stressed that Iran’s negative response to the “interventionist request” of Macron will tarnish his image in the world, adding Iran advises Macron to adopt policies which portray a good picture of him as a successful politician.

“The possibility that we give a positive response to such a request is near zero. So, as an Iranian citizen, I advise Mr. Macron to stop raising such meddlesome requests because our response is definitely negative.”

Earlier, French President Macron said at a press conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, “We want an Iran that is a less aggressive power and for its ballistic missile program to be curtailed. But Iran is a regional power and we speak to them.”

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