Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran Urges UN to Stand Up against Unilateralism and War

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on the United Nations, at its 75th birthday anniversary, to stand up against unilateralism and war.

“Our United Nations at 75 needs to recommit itself to stand up—united—against unilateralism and war,” Zarif said in his speech to a session of the 75th UN General Assembly.
What follows is the full text of his Monday speech:

Mr. President,

Seventy-five years ago, the United Nations was founded to restore international peace and security in the aftermath of two horrific wars. But how successful have we been?
According to a new study, since 2001—ironically, the “United Nation’s Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations”—37 million people have been displaced as a result of the US “Forever Wars”.

The eight violent wars that the US initiated or joined since 2001—under the rubric of “War on Terror”—have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, countless broken societies and families, failed and failing states and unprecedented extremism.
So today, we should be asking ourselves:

Whether our world is more—or less—secure than it was in 1945;
How we can counter the unilateralism and disdain for international law by a bully that only knows wielding a big stick and speaking arrogantly;

And how we can contain a power that has spent over 220 of its total 244 year-history in war: from the wars on its native population, to the war on its enslaved population—which continues with extreme brutality—and to the 39 military conflicts and nearly 120 economic wars—it deceptively calls “sanctions”—since 1945. Against any entity that hasn’t submitted to its whims.

Ironically, it keeps losing its “Forever Wars”.
In fact, no one wins in a war.
It’s time to change tack—saving American blood and treasure and sparing the world from further misery.

Dear Friends,
Complacency is the oxygen that the US needs to continue its bullying. US appetite only grows by appeasement; by submitting to its unlawful measures against others, in the hope of avoiding its wrath. It does not work, my friends.
Our United Nations at 75 needs to recommit itself to stand up—united—against unilateralism and war.

I thank you.

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