Iran Unveils First Native Programming Language

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to develop a homegrown computer programming language after five years of hard work.

“After identifying the various and dangerous consequences of using the unofficial version of web development languages, we decided to develop a native model,” said the CEO of a Web development company.

Due to the technical complexity and lack of expertise at this level, it took us about 5 years and fortunately we could develop the first Iranian programming language in the country, he added.

Currently American languages such as P.H.P and ASP.NET are taught almost at all higher education centres. Learning the Iranian programming language takes about one-tenth of the time required to learn foreign languages.

The program has been reviewed and debugged during the past five years and now a new version of it is available for more than 1,100 websites.

It can be used to design any software, web application or web portal. This product is by no means a reverse engineering production and its design is completely indigenous.

The success of websites designed with this program indicates the high quality of this product. Learning this software is completely free and basic education only needs a knowledge of HTML and CSS. The price of this product is the same as open source products.

Based on existing job statistics, such fields as hardware engineering, web security engineering, data processing and, of course, computer programming are among the most lucrative jobs in the world today, and this trend will continue in the coming decade.

All of these professions are at the service of information technology which clearly shows the future trend of technology in the world.

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  1. What is the name of the programming language?
    ASP.Net is not a programming language.
    PHP is a really bad programming language, I doubt that it is taught in Universities.
    Univiersities usually go for real object oriented languages, or for Python if they want to teach a scripting language.

    What if I am interested in learning more about this language? No name, no link, …
    This article is not only written in bad English but lacks any real information.

    “takes about one-tenth” – how was this measured?


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