Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran slams UN rights body resolution, rejects “fact-finding mission”

The Iranian foreign ministry has condemned a resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council, saying the formation of any new mechanism to probe into the recent unrest and deadly riots in the country is unnecessary.

The ministry issued a statement, reiterating that given the existence of a special investigation committee on the death of Ms. Mahsa Amini and the existence of a national investigation team in relation to the latest developments in the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the formation of any new mechanism to investigate the issues of the past two months in Iran as unnecessary and a violation of the country’s national sovereignty, and does not recognize the assigned mission.

The death of Mrs. Amini in the Iranian police custody has provoked protests and deadly riots in Iran since mid-September.

The Iranian foreign ministry said it is highly regrettable that the Human Rights Council has been exploited once again to serve the short-term interests of a small number of countries.

Expressing regret over the bitter death of Ms. Amini, the statement reaffirms that all top officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran adopted a responsible approach to the pitiful incident.

“Simultaneously, the Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights has, from the start, submitted various documented reports to international human rights mechanisms in Geneva and New York and to all members of the world community regularly and in different stages,” says the ministry statement.

It also said that the guardians of the country’s security dealt with rioters with maximum restraint while tens of law enforcement forces were killed and thousands of them injured.

The foreign ministry added, the move by the German government and other sponsors of the special session of the Human Rights Council has been a historic mistake originating from multi-dimensional political goals.

“Without any doubt, such an approach not only fails to contribute to the promotion of human rights but also sacrifices them for the political and hostile goals pursued by some countries against other members of the global community.”

It also pointed to the media hype by the anti-Iran news organizations, adding
unfortunately, in parallel with the recent riots against the Islamic Republic of Iran, lying foreign media outlets, which are promoters of violence and terror, engaged in spreading lies, misinformation and creating a hype in an unprecedented and organized way, something that turned into an important part of hybrid warfare against Iran.

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