Saturday, December 10, 2022

Iran Denounces UN’s “Unacceptable” Human Rights Resolution

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qassemi has dismissed as “invalid” and “unacceptable”the latest resolution passed by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly against Iran’s human right srecord.

In a Wednesday statement, Qassemi said the Islamic Republic of Iran rejects the“unacceptable” resolution proposed in the 72ndmeeting of the UNGA by Canada and a number of other Western countries.

“The support of a number of the most notorious violators of human rights as well as war criminals and sponsors of terrorism, violence, and extremism for the UN’s latest resolution is only one of the main reasons showing why the resolution is invalid,” he said.

“The Western countries’ instrumental, selective, and political use of human rights against independent states of the world is a wrong and condemned approach and has no result other than undermining the supreme status of human rights,” he added.

Qassemi once again stressed that the Islamic Republic is a ruling system based on religious democracy which has always sought to promote human rights and fulfill seriously its international commitments.

“Iran is ready to seriously establish dialogue and constructive cooperation with any other side interested  in promoting human rights based on its supreme values and the principle of mutual respect, justice and fairness and far from political manipulations within all the legal international mechanisms,” he concluded.

The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday condemned Iran for what it called“continuous violations of human rights.

By a vote of 83 to 30 with 68 abstentions, the Third Committee of the General Assembly approved a five-page resolution expressing concern over “illegal practices ranging from torture, poor prison conditions, arbitrary detention, and curbs on freedom of religion or belief to state-endorsed discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities as well as women.”

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