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Iran tourism: Ms. Khavar’s cooking made Sarvelat village in Gilan famous

Sarvelat is one of the most beautiful villages of Gilan in Chaboksar region in northern Iran, which has a beautiful and green landscape facing a forest valley and fruit orchards. The beauty along with the delicious local food in Ms. Khavar’s restaurant has made Sarvelat a tourist destination.

So, if you, like me, are interested in local cuisines of Gilan, such as Baghali Ghatogh, Mirza Ghasemi, and stuffed chicken with the unique local vegetables, northern rice with its unique crispy Tahdig, along with yogurt in a jar and marinated olives, make sure to visit Sarvelat and Ms. Khavar.

From the heights of Sarvelat village, the Caspian Sea is visible and the beauty of the dense forests and towering trees can be seen. So, if you want to go to the mountains and forests, go to Sarvelat; a village that is located above a valley and between two rivers, Achiroud and Kore.

Sarvelat village in Gilan

Sarvelat, one of the must-see places in Gilan Province

To reach Sarvelat, you have to cross a forest path, but in a steep mountain. The narrow road is so beautiful and green that soothes your mind.

The sound of Achiroud and Kore and the herd of sheep that echoes in the heart of the forest subconsciously takes you away from the sound of car horns and the noise pollution in cities.

Sarvelat village in Gilan


Ms. Khavar’s delicious dishes in Sarvelat

However, besides the forest road, the fields and the green meadows, what made Sarvelat popular and brought it fame is the name of a woman whose unique cooking has made her village prosperous.

In fact, today, Sarvelat is known among all villages of Iran for its food and restaurants. Even foreign tourists come to Sarvelat to eat the local dishes of Gilan.

Imagine that you are sitting at an altitude and there is a green and forest landscape in front of you, while you are eating your favorite local food. It is undoubtedly enjoyable.

Ms. Khavar’s restaurant in Sarvelat

The story of Ms. Khavar made her village famous

In the year 1968, Ms. Khavar was doing the chores in her house when it suddenly started raining heavily. Travelers who were near her house to have fun, asked her to allow them to sit in the balcony of her house until the rain stopped. But it was still raining heavily and it was already night.

Ms. Khavar cooked fish and rice to host the guests. They liked Ms. Khavar’s cooking so much that they said they would come to see her again and paid her some money for the food.

Gradually, it paved the path for other travelers to go to the village. So she had to give up farming and open a restaurant and hire many locals in her restaurant.

Ms. Khavar’s restaurant in Sarvelat

Ms. Khavar’s restaurant in Sarvelat

These days, you can’t find an empty place in Ms. Khavar’s restaurant. So you’ll have to wait in line in order to sit in the restaurant, especially in its beautiful balcony.

Some women in the village also make jars of yogurt for the restaurant, and due to the increasing number of tourists, some other locals have opened other restaurants in Sarvelat, and they are also prospering.

If you are traveling up north, don’t miss Sarvelat, especially in early spring and summer when the beauty of the route is eye-catching.

Ms. Khavar’s restaurant in Sarvelat

Comments by some users about Ms. Khavar’s restaurant

Ali: The food is really delicious. It is very busy in the weekend, but if you go there, make sure to order the sour kebab.

Moshaver_tell: The food is very high quality, and more importantly, the environment gives you a very good feeling.

Aradkhani: The view from the balcony is wonderful. And the food is delicious.

Mohsen: It’s very crowded, but it has a great view, the quality of food is good, it’s worth a try, but I recommend you not to go there on a holiday.

Mohammadreza: The food is really delicious, especially the sour kebab and fish and sour chicken, and Mirza Ghasemi are amazing.

If you have traveled to Sarvelat and eaten at Ms. Khavar’s restaurant, share your experience with us.

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