Sunday, September 25, 2022

Iran So Powerful that Trump Cannot Talk of War: IRGC

The lieutenant commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran is so powerful these days that the US President cannot even talk of waging a war against the Islamic Republic.

Brigadier General Hossein Salami said that today the Islamic Republic of Iran has a good experience in the fight against enemies.

He also pointed out that Iran has identified the vital interests of enemies, and has the ability to defend itself and launch attacks as it was shown in some military tests.

Speaking at a seminar in the northern city of Sari, Salami noted that after the 1979 Islamic Revolution Iran has been the main priority of the enemies’ attacks.

“Be sure that Iran’s power has been gained through these threats and hostilities. We are a nation with powerful and invincible elements,” stressed Salami, according to a report by the Persian-language Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The lieutenant commander of the IRGC said that great leadership, great nation, great cause, and great enemies are the four divine gifts for the Islamic Republic.

“We should never worry about the enemies since this has been the source of our power. We have reached such a power in the sea, air and land that the enemy’s military invasion has been neutralized in any scale and scope.”

Salami went on to say that Iran did not have airborne technology 15 years ago, but today Iranian experts have built an advanced missile system that the country does not need anyone’s help.

The IRGC general also emphasised that the Islamic Republic is very strong at sea, and perfectly guards the land borders as well.

“We control the enemies in Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Today, the enemies are scattered and the Iranian Establishment is (more) powerful.”

“The Zionist regime is now scared of the fact that the forces of Muslim countries are located along its borders, because this presence is aimed at destroying the regime. For this reason, we are witnessing that the Israeli regime cannot tolerate such a presence and started to fire missiles at bases where Iranian forces were located,” explained Salami.

“Today, Israel does not have a strategic depth,” he said, emphasising that Iran has endangered the survival of the Zionist regime.

Salami further warned that the Leadership, the judiciary, and the IRGC are the three main targets of the enemies saying that Hijab and water crisis are the other subjects they (enemies) have focused on.

Regarding the US President’s possible decision on the nuclear deal, Salami said “our prediction is that the United States will not break the deal, but it will keep the sanctions.”

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