Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Iran Says Won’t Forget Friends of Its Tough Times

Iran says it will never forget such friends as Russia and China who stood by the country during the tough times of sanctions and international pressures.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi made the remarks in an interview with IRNA, during which he hailed the amicable ties between Tehran and Moscow.

“Iran and Russia have age-old and special ties, and despite the ups and downs that have existed in mutual relations in different eras, especially in the past two centuries and after the Islamic Revolution, we have had special relations with Russia particularly in recent years,” he said.

“There are enemies and troublemakers with regards to these relations, but we, as two neighbouring countries and two powers in the region, have no option but to stand together as we do at the moment,” he added.

“In recent years, leaders of the two countries decided to follow up on these historical relations in a special manner to make them comprehensive in such a way that they encompass all items of bilateral, regional and international cooperation,” he added.

He said Iran and Russia have common ground and good cooperation in international circles, and are working together to help ease tensions in Syria and restore stability and security to the country, “and this stability will influence the whole region.”

He said Russia has stood by Iran as much as possible despite US sanctions on Iran

“That is why Iran looks at Russia and China differently from other signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, including Britain and Germany,” said the spokesman.

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