Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Iran Says UN Security Council’s Violation of JCPOA Not Acceptable

Iran’s Government Spokesman says the violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by the United Nations Security Council is not tolerable.

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, Ali Rabiei said the violation of the nuclear deal will definitely be unbearable for the Islamic Republic of Iran because the consequences of this move would absolutely defame the international body in ensuring the international security.

The government spokesman referred to Washington’s bid to have arms embargo on Iran extended, and said Tehran has a vast range of options in reaction to a possible extension of the sanctions, and will look into every scenario.

“We can predict that the smallest consequence of such a hostile and wrong decision will be very dire for the US, and of course the international stability. I reiterate that the Islamic Republic of Iran is independent in its defence industry, but this will not convince us to let the violators of the international law escape the costs.”

Regarding Iran’s possible withdrawal from the accord, Rabiei noted it is too early for such decisions. “Iran has not made any decision to withdraw from the JCPOA in reaction to the extension of arms embargo,” underscored Rabiei.

“About our reaction and the options we have, we will definitely make decisions after considering the current procedures.”

He said that Tehran’s initial take is that the remaining parties to the nuclear deal and the members of the UN Security Council are fully aware of the United States’ coercive and unjustifiable request.

“This is our initial take today after holding several negotiations. We believe they do not want to accompany the US regime in violating the principles of international regulations and agreements,” he continued.

Elsewhere in his statements, Rabiei spoke about the US malevolent approach to deal with the Islamic Revolution.

He said when the Islamic movement was founded based on nation-government principles after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and once a model of nation-government was formed based on democracy, the US regarded such conformity as threatening.

Therefore, Rabiei stressed, they used every opportunity to undermine the theories that the Islamic Republic represented. “They reinforced the radical extremist movement against this.”

He went on to say that such an approach began in Afghanistan when a combination of Mujahedeen and others were fighting the Soviet Union army.

“Al-Qaeda was the offspring of such a movement and we had information that Al-Qaeda was first reinforced by the CIA, and then the European countries started to cooperate in this regard. The Taliban was also the result of this process. Then, the ISIS came into existence. The ISIS was the next generation of the Al-Qaeda. Usually, such movements have been to the detriment of the US in the long run. The people of the United States must know that either 9/11 or today’s ISIS are nothing but the product of defective programming of US intelligence services,” reiterated the Iranian spokesman.

Elaborating on the emergence of ISIS, he stated, “We believe since the rise of the ISIS the United States and its spy agencies had a direct or indirect role in forming and supporting the group.”

“Today, there are many documents available to the people across the world to prove this fact. On the one hand, they help them [ISIS], and on the other hand they attack them. The most touchable assistance of the US to ISIS is to fight those who played a key role in defeating this group in Iraq.”

He further pointed out that this is a game by the United States which will turn against them. We are sure the US will fail in this malevolent act too, he underlined.
He said in a near future, the Americans will come to the conclusion that such a move is not right. The Islamic Republic advises them to stop such approaches instead of dipping more into a quagmire that would lead to further insecurity and waste of US taxpayers’ money.

“They should make an effort to deal with the fact, and respect the people of the whole region. Iran is the major country to maintain stability and security in the region. Certainly, we have sought nothing, but peace and security in the Persian Gulf and other countries,” concluded Rabiei.

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