Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran says ICJ ruling shows Tehran’s righteousness and US violation

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says a ruling by the International Court of Justice over freezing Iranian assets by the US shows Iran’s righteousness and the violations by the US government.

In a statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed to the ICJ ruling on March 30, 2023, saying the ruling has “rejected all the defenses and claims of the US government and dismissed Washington’s rationales.”

According to the statement, the ICJ stressed that the US government has violated its international commitments and reiterated that the US government’s obligations laid out in the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights between Iran and the US on August 15, 1995 and that “the court has established the international responsibility of the US government in this regard.”

The International Court of Justice has ordered the US to pay compensation to Iran after ruling that Washington had illegally allowed courts to freeze Iranian assets.

The Hague-based tribunal also said it did not have jurisdiction over $1.75bn in frozen assets from Iran’s central bank held in a Citibank account in New York.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement also says, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice shows the solidity of Iran’s arguments and the righteousness of Iran’s request.

“In this important verdict, the ICJ correctly rejected all the fake defenses of the US. It also underlined the violation by the US of its commitments and recognized Iran as the rightful side. The fact that court’s ruling requires the US to make reparations for the losses is the key reason for the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s demand”, adds the statement.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry reiterated that it will use all diplomatic, legal and judicial means to demand the rights of the Iranian people and their national interests.

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