Saturday, September 24, 2022

Iranians Running ‘No to Road Accidents’ Campaign

Under a campaign titled ‘No to Road Accidents’, Iranian people are coming together to reduce the high number of road accidents ahead of Nowruz holidays.

Launched for the first time last year ahead of the New Year holidays, people in Iran are running the campaign ‘No to Road Accidents’ to raise people’s awareness about car crashes.

Road accidents cause injury and disability to 100 people on an average daily in the country. A major travel season in Iran, the first two weeks of every Nowruz (New Year) holidays see the highest number of travelers and also road accidents, according to a report by Financial Tribune.

The campaign was launched by the Iranian Red Crescent Society volunteers to address the alarming rate and encourage travelers to drive more carefully.

Here are Tehran Picture Agency’s photos of the campaign in the Iranian capital:

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