Iran says reserves right to retaliation for Israel assassination of Iranian advisors in Syria

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has warned that Tehran reserves right to act in kind over Israel's assassination of four Iranian military advisors in Syria's capital, Damascus.

Nasser Kanaani has strongly condemned as murderous and aggressive, an Israeli attack on Saturday morning on the residential district of Mazzeh in Damascus that killed four military advisors of the Islamic Revolution Gaurds Corps (IRGC) and a number of local forces.

Kanaani said that the “repeated violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the escalation of aggressive and provocative attacks on various targets in the country” by the Israeli regime shows the helplessness of Tel Aviv on the battlefield against resistance forces in Gaza and the West Bank.

Kanaani added that it’s appropriate for governments and regional and international organizations, including the UN Security Council to give a clear response to the “aggressive, terrorist and criminal acts of the Zionist regime” and condemn them decisively.

He stressed that the military advisors of the Islamic Republic of Iran are in Syria at the official invitation of the Syrian government and have been playing an important role in helping Syria in its fight against terrorism.

Kanaani underscored that the assassination of the Iranian military advisors by the Zionist regime “clearly shows the deep and organized link between this terrorist regime and different terror and Daesh-style groups in the region.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to respond in kind to Israel’s organized terrorism at the right time and place in addition to pursuing these aggressive and criminal acts through political, legal and international channels.

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