Friday, March 1, 2024

Iran: Return to implementation of JCPOA hinges on will of US

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says return to the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal – JCPOA – hinges on the will of the United States.

Nasser Kanaani said in his weekly presser on Monday that this is completely dependent on the will of the other party, and specifically the American side, to show its readiness to achieve a logical, balanced, and enduring nuclear agreement and avoid reference to irrelevant issues.

Kanaani added that Iran considers reaching an agreement its serious strategy and does not view the negotiations as a tactical matter.

“We expect the Europeans, who emphasize the necessity of the return to the [nuclear] agreement, to reiterate to the US that resuming the implementation of the deal depends on the will of the US and this is a two-way road,” the spokesman said.

He also said it is possible that there is an agreement in the near future on the timing of the negotiations for removal of sanctions and “we can possibly witness a new round of the talks”.

Kanaani also described Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency as significant.

He said Iran has fulfilled its responsibilities and expect the agency to act on issues related to Iran professionally, fairly and away from political suspicions, and play the role of the facilitator in the negotiations.

He also talked about the fuel crisis in Lebanon, noting that Iran is ready to hold talks with officials in Beirut on fuel supplies, if there is an official request from the Lebanese government.

Elsewhere in the remarks, the foreign ministry spokesman said a “positive will” is seen in Iran and Saudi Arabia to begin a new round of talks, with “our brothers in Iraq” playing a positive role. He said, however, that the timing for the next round of the talks is yet to be decided.

Kanaani also talked about what he called the positive stance of the UAE officials, stressing that the Emiratis have decided to send their ambassador to Tehran.

“In relation to the UAE, things are moving forward and we predict that we will see our relations improve,” he said.

The spokesman also addressed some reports on sales of Russian Sukhoi aircraft to Iran.

He said the two countries enjoy comprehensive ties and a “movement toward growing cooperation” in different fields is taking shape.

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