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Iran Rejects Idea of Involving Other Countries in Nuclear Talks

Iran’s government spokesman says no other country can join any nuclear talks between Iran and the world as negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers drew to a close long ago and no new negotiation is to take place.

“From our point of view, negotiations on the JCPOA have basically ended,” Ali Rabiei told reporters on Tuesday.

Rabiei touched upon Japan’s offer to be present in talks over the nuclear agreement, saying no new talks are on the agenda in that regard.

“We embrace Japan, as an important country and a friend of ours, playing a more active role in our continent. But the JCPOA is not an issue which can be re-negotiated; so, no new negotiator can be taken on board in this regard,” he said.

“From our standpoint, talks on the JCPOA have come to an end, and no new talks are scheduled to take place on that. Accordingly, there is no need to restructure the talks, either,” said the spokesman.

He then urged all signatories to the JCPOA to make good on their commitments under the deal.
“The only remaining issue today is for all sides to return to the commitments under the nuclear deal as agreed, and this is not a complicated issue,” he said.

“First, all signatories should begin to respect all the obligations that they reneged on. Iran has remained committed to its obligations and has maintained its commitments for months,” he said.
“Moreover, Iran has acted under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The other parties should make good on their commitments. We don’t favour any new negotiations that would, once again, bring us to the point where we are now,” said Rabiei.

He then urged all regional countries to work towards promoting peace, security and stability in the region.

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