Iran Ready to Send Troops to Reinforce Syria Truce: Spokesman


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the Islamic Republic is prepared to dispatch military forces to Syria to monitor an ongoing ceasefire in the Arab country’s de-escalation zones.

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Qassemi said Iran, Russia and Turkey are seriously continuing efforts as part of the Astana talks to maintain a ceasefire in Syria.

The talks have been focusing on reinforcing the standing truce, which has resulted in the creation of four de-escalation zones in Syria.

Qassemi said once an agreement is reached, the guarantors are needed to dispatch troops to the zones to monitor the ceasefire, Press TV reported.

“The Astana debate is constantly underway and talks continue. There are negotiations among the three countries on reducing tensions and if the necessary conditions are met, the three countries are required to send troops in order to supervise the ceasefire,” he said.

“We are ready to grant this if the necessary understanding is reached,” Qassemi added.

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