Iran Providing Special Aid for Export of Knowledge-Based Products

Iran Providing Special Aid for Export of Knowledge-Based Products

The Iranian administration has offered the domestic knowledge-based companies a broad range of services to help them export their products to the international market.

The Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology has established a specialized office, called the Corridor on Promotion of Exports and Exchange of Technologies, to facilitate the domestic knowledge-based companies’ access to foreign markets.

By proving services for the applicants in more than 5,300 cases, the office has facilitated the process of export of knowledge-based products.

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology’s Corridor on Promotion of Exports and Exchange of Technologies also identifies and evaluates the capabilities of Iranian enterprises, providing them with consultation services and training for the exports.

The presidential department provides supports for the knowledge-based and innovative companies, the export brokers, export trading companies, export bases, and foreign trade brokers.

The Iranian knowledge-based companies have grown rapidly in recent years and have signed dozens of contracts with many foreign customers, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The administration has also launched schemes to support the country’s technology and innovation ecosystem and facilitate access to the international markets.

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