“Iran Providing 70% of Iraq’s Internet”


An Iranian official says Iran is the major Internet service provider for neighbouring Iraq.

Managing Director of Iran’s Infrastructure Communications Company Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi says the country is the largest Internet service provider for Iraq and has a 70-percent share of its Internet market.

He went on to say that Iran has overtaken Turkey and Saudi Arabia in seizing the Iraq market.

“Iraq was connected to the World Wide Web through Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, but Turkey was taken off the list of Iraq’s service providers due to geographical issues and activities by terrorist groups in Turkey,” he said.

With Turkey being removed from the list of Internet service providers for Iraq, the competition was left open for Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said, adding, “We managed to secure 70 percent of this market.”

However, he said, Turkey could get back onto the list of Iraq’s Internet service providers once security issues in Iraq are settled, tranquility makes a come back to the country, and terrorists are eliminated.

“Iran regards Turkey as a serious competitor in providing web services for Iraq, so it is necessary for Iran to improve its Internet services,” he said.

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