Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran President Congratulates Christians on Jesus Christ Birthday

The Iranian president has congratulated all Christians on the anniversary of the birthday of the divine prophet, Jesus Christ.

“The auspicious birthday of the great divine prophet, Jesus Christ, is around the corner. It is an auspicious occasion for all followers of this great prophet and all our Christian fellow countrymen,” President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday.

“Of course, I’d like to congratulate all humanity on the fact that Jesus Christ was a prophet of peace, friendship and kindness,” added the president.
“Wherever Jesus Christ was present, he was a source of blessing for that region and its people.

Today, we are pleased to see that great prophet is still influential in the minds and lives of a large part of the human community,” he added.

President Rouhani noted that Jesus Christ has left a noticeable footprint on mankind.
“Human communities owe a major part of their morality to divine prophets, including Jesus Christ.

The existence and birth of this prophet was a miracle, and his whole life was a miracle, too,” said the president.

“Wherever he went, he divinely healed ill people. Sometimes he brought dead people back to life. He also fed hungry people. With his blessed existence, he showed us that serving other fellow humans forms a major part of the foundation of monotheism,” President Rouhani explained.

He said Jesus Christ even announced that Prophet Muhammad, the great Prophet of Islam, would emerge later on in the prophets’ line of succession.
“God willing, I hope all of us will be able to follow divine prophets, including Jesus Christ, who heralded the arrival of Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. As clearly mentioned in the holy Quran, Jesus Christ announced that Prophet Muhammad would be one of the prophets to come. From our perspective, the name of Prophet Muhammad has also been mentioned in the Holy Scripture,” he noted.

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