Sunday, November 27, 2022

Iran President Congratulates Aoun on Lebanon Liberation Day

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has congratulated the Lebanese nation and government on the 18th anniversary of the Arab country’s liberation day.

In a congratulatory message to his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun on Saturday, Rouhani said Lebanon stands at the forefront of the fight against the Israeli regime’s extremism.

“Convergence and unity in the golden triangle of the [Lebanese] government, army and resistance [front] has played a leading role in achieving this big victory,” he went on to say.

Rouhani also reiterated Tehran’s strong support for the establishment of stability and peace in Lebanon.

Liberation Day is a Lebanese holiday celebrated on May 25. On May 25, 2000, the Israeli army withdrew from territory in Southern Lebanon, marking the end of the South Lebanon conflict (1985–2000).

The Israeli regime first invaded Lebanon in 1978 and later escalated the military operation into a full-scale offensive in 1982.

Following the 1982 offensive, known as the First Lebanon War, Tel Aviv refused to leave southern Lebanon and kept its military presence there in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 425 that called on the regime to immediately withdraw.

However, the Zionist enemy eventually buckled under the resistance put up by Hezbollah fighters and pulled out its forces from the occupied areas overnight on May 24, 2000, in what observers call a humiliating defeat for the regime in Tel Aviv and a glorious victory for Hezbollah.

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