Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Iran President Calls for Stricter Border Controls to Tackle New COVID-19 Strain

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The Iranian president has called for tighter measures on the country’s border entry points to stem the spread of coronavirus, especially the new strains of the virus.

President Hassan Rouhani noted stricter regulations should be enforced particularly along borders with countries hit by the new strain of the virus.

“Regulations should be announced by the state radio and TV as well as by newspapers,” said the president in a meeting of the National Coronavirus Headquarters on Saturday.
“The Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) should announce and communicate the laws and regulations, whether on tests or the quarantine,” said the president.

He said negligence in that regard cannot be forgiven because the lives of millions are at stake.

President Rouhani further stressed that action should be taken to identify individuals infected with the mutated strain of coronavirus.

“More care should be taken with regards to people entering a province or city,” he said.
He also pointed to the Health Ministry’s announcement that Khuzestan province has turned “red” in terms of coronavirus cases and fatalities, and warned about a new surge of the outbreak.


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