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Iran marks Mother’s Day

Iranians celebrate Lady Fatima Zahra’s birth anniversary, designated by the Islamic Republic as Mother's Day in the country.


Lady Fatima Zahra is the daughter of Prophet Mohammad highly revered among the Shiite Muslims. It is known among both Shiite and Sunni Muslims that Prophet had many times said “Fatima is above all women of the world from eh first to the last ones.”

In Arabic the word ‘fatima’ means separated. She is named Fatima because her followers are separated from the Hell because of her character. Zahra means ‘shining, bright, and brilliant’. Shiites’ 6th Imam, Imam Sadiq (PBUH), said: “When our mother Fatima Zahra prayed, she shined for the heavens as the stars shine for people on earth”.

Lady Fatima Zahra was born on 20th of Jamadi al-Thani, five years after the Prophet received revelations from Gabriel the Angel in Mecca.

Most of the Shiites and some of the Sunni commentators such as Imam Fakhr al-Razi believe that the first verse of chapter Kawthar of Quran refers to Fatimah (PBUH). He has identified her as Kawthar – unending source of blessing – and the reason for maintenance and spread of the Prophet’s progeny. The last verse of 108th chapter of the Quran, al-Kawthar, proves this fact, as God tells the Prophet (PBUH) “Your enemy will be without progeny.”

Lady Fatima Zahra owned elegant dignities and virtues, there are many lessons left to learn from her one of the sayings of hers is,

“If someone sends his pure prayer up to Allah, Allah will send down best welfare to him.”

Among Iranians her birth anniversary is designated as Mother’s Day to uphold the place and character of women on the greatest of women’s birth anniversary.

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