Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iran Makes First Drug for Treatment of Coronavirus-Related Pulmonary Dysfunction

An Iranian knowledge-based company has succeeded in finding a cure for the pulmonary dysfunction associated with the coronavirus infection.

The Iranian knowledge-based company affiliated with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has synthesized a pharmaceutical composition that can cure pulmonary dysfunction in the patients infected with COVID-19.

Following successful tests in the virology laboratories, the pharmaceutical composition has now yielded successful results in healing the patients in the clinical trials.

Mostafa Qanei, Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, announced at a press conference on Tuesday evening that the homegrown pharmaceutical composition is not meant to cure the coronavirus, but the pulmonary and respiratory diseases caused by the virus.

He said the Iranian drug can reduce the hospitalization period in the coronavirus patients by up to four days, noting that the pulmonary dysfunction in the coronavirus-positive cases is the main reason for the ICU admissions and the main factor in deaths.

The Iranian pharmaceutical composition has been verified by the Health Minister and by the secretary-general of the Coronavirus Battle National Headquarters, and has been confirmed as a new treatment for the pulmonary dysfunction associated with COVID-19.

In addition to the pharmaceutical composition utilized in the new treatment procedure developed in Iran, three other medications have been also prescribed, namely Azithromycin, Prednisolone and Naproxen.

Before, Qanei had said that the herbal medicines developed by Iranian researchers to treat the COVID-19 were being tested and the results would be publically announced in two weeks

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