Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iran’s IRGC targets terrorists in northern Iraq with artillery fire over role in riots

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launches artillery attacks on positions of the notorious Komola terror group based in northern Iraq, amid reports of the anti-Iran terrorists’ involvement in the recent deadly riots in some parts of the country.

Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday that the strongholds of the terrorists in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region came under heavy artillery fire from the Iranian side of the border.

In a statement, the IRGC said the raid came after “the terrorist and counter-revolutionary grouplets tied to the global hegemony that are nesting in Iraq’s northern region” infiltrated the Islamic Republic’s frontiers and attacked a number of Iranian border bases.

The IRGC’s “decisive response,” it said, inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists and forced the intruders to flee.

The elite Iranian military force decided to take action as its numerous warnings for officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan fell on deaf ears and they failed to end anti-Iran terror activities in the region, the statement said.

The operations, it added, “will continue in the direction of ensuring stable border security and punishing the aggressor criminal terrorists and making regional authorities shoulder their responsibility for international regulations and their legal duties.”

Reports say members of the Komola terror group sneaked armed elements and huge caches of arms into Iran with the aim of propping up the rioters and thugs, who hijacked a wave of protests in Iran over the recent death of a young woman in police custody with the aim of dealing blows to the country’s establishment.

Iranian state media say 35 people, including security forces, have been killed in the violence, which has seen thugs set fire to the Holy Qur’an, among other sacrilegious acts, and inflict damage on public property in different cities.

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