Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iran’s interior minister: Over 14,000 candidates qualified for par’l election

The Iranian interior minister says with the approval of the qualification of over 14,000 candidates by the Guardian Council for next month’s legislative polls, the grounds are set for ‘good competitions.’

Addressing reports on Monday evening, Ahmad Vahidi stressed the importance of the parliamentary polls as a ‘symbol of democracy’ in the country.

He said, “The fate of the country will be decided for four years with the elections, and the planning of the country will be determined with the railway tracks set for the new parliament.”

Iranians will go to the polls on March 1 to choose both the lawmakers for the new parliament and members of the Assembly of Experts.

Vahidi said preparations are underway for 90,000 polling stations, including 50,000 mobile polls.

The interior minister also said opinion polls show a surging trend of the voter turnout for the upcoming elections.

His comments come as former president Hassan Rouhani and former intelligence minister Mahmoud Alavi are among those who have been disqualified to run for the
Assembly of Experts elections.

Under the Iranian Constitution, the Assembly of Experts is tasked with selecting the Leader, supervising his performance and if necessary, replacing him.

The reformist camp have earlier voiced disillusionment with the disqualification of their candidates, but have categorically ruled out banning the votes.

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