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Iran Hits Back at Israel over “False” Accusations

Iran Hits Back at Israel over “False” Accusations

Iran Hits Back at Israel over “False” Accusations

Iran’s UN mission has slammed the “false” and “baseless” accusations of the Israeli prime minister against the Islamic Republic.

On Monday, Naftali Bennet repeated the regime’s past allegations that Iran is violating its IAEA obligations and moving toward a nuclear weapon. 

Bennet also accused Iran of arming proxies in the region with armies of drones in preparation for attacks on Israel. 

In response, the Iranian mission said the regime is trying to “cover up its expansionist and destabilizing policies and its criminal behavior in the region”.

The mission said Israel has committed all four “core” crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression, defined in international law.

The mission said instances of such crimes are waging at least 15 wars on regional countries and on Gaza, including the 11-day aggression earlier this year that killed 256 Palestinians, many of them children and women, and keeping an inhumane blockade on the coastal strip.

The mission said it is blatant for Israel to try to pose Iran’s conventional weapons capabilities, or its civilian nuclear program, as a threat to the region, while the regime itself maintains the most sophisticated conventional weapons along with various weapons of mass destruction, including an arsenal of nukes.   

“He [the Israeli PM] … openly violated the UN charter and once more employed a language of threat against my country. He should not have any illusions about our ability and will to defend our security and our interests…. We have shown that we will not hesitate to use our inherent right to defend ourselves against any threat at any time,” the mission said.

The Iranian mission also addressed the UAE’s repetition of its “unfounded” claim to the three southern Iranian islands of Abu Mousa, the Lesse Tunb and the Greater Tunb.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates its fixed and fundamental position that it does not recognize any dispute between Iran and the Emirates [on the ownership of the islands]. These three islands have been inseparable parts of the Iranian soil and any claim to the contrary is strongly rejected,” the mission said.

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