Sunday, May 26, 2024

Govt. official: Iran’s Raisi set to make official visit to Syria

A senior Iranian government official says President Ebrahim Raisi is slated to travel to Syria, without giving the exact date, in the first such a visit to the Arab country since 2010.

In a tweet, Mohammad Jamshidi, the president’s deputy chief of staff, highlighted the achievements of the Iran-led resistance movement over the past years, saying, “West Asia underwent a 12-year-long period of highly tense geopolitical developments, in which Iran emerged as the definitive winner and the US as the definitive loser.”

“The celebration for the victory of the resistance will be held during Ayatollah Raisi’s visit to Syria,” he added.

Earlier, Syria’s al-Watan newspaper reported that Raisi will travel to Syria on Wednesday, which will make it the first time an Iranian president visits the country since the outbreak of foreign-sponsored militancy in the country in early 2011.

The report said Iran and Syria would sign a set of agreements aimed at promoting their bilateral relations, especially in the economic sector.

Tehran effectively helped the Syrian army, through advisory assistance, to cleanse almost all parts of the country of a myriad of terror groups, many of which had the support of the US and its allies.

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