Iran Tourism: Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

One of the places that has recently been added to the tourist attractions in Shiraz, the capital city of the southern Iranian province of Fars, is the Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz.

This private museum has various sections such as the Muqarnas Hall, the Mirror Hall, the Flower and Bird Pool and the Flower and Bird Plates.

The art of artists from Shiraz has been used in the renovation and restoration of the Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz building; arts such as tile work, inlay work, mirror work, flower and bird (Gol o Morgh) painting, which are derived from the Shiraz school of art.

Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

The history of the house that is now the Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

The house was built in 1971. With the prudence and knowledge of the investor of the project, it has become an environment where the original arts of Shiraz and Fars Province are used. Its restoration started in 2017, and the place was inaugurated as the Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz in June 2022.

What is displayed in the Flower and Bird Museum?

Arts such as flower and bird paintings, Javak wood work, Girih tiles, Muqarnas, wood inlay, seven-color tiling, miniature, mirror work and arts that are outstanding in the country and whose origin is Shiraz and the Fars Province have been used in this house. The porcelain vessels in the museum date back to the Safavid era.
The doors of the house are open to all enthusiasts.

Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

Sightseeing in Shiraz

Shiraz is the third oldest city and the fifth largest and the most populated city in Iran. The city is located in the southeast of the country in the Fars Province.

Some of the places for sightseeing in Shiraz are Hafeziyeh, Saadiyeh, Karim Khan Citadel, Persepolis, Pasargad, the Eram Garden, Naqsh-e Rostam, the Nasir al-Molk Mosque, the Vakil Mosque of Shiraz, the Vakil Bazaar, the Vakil Bath of Shiraz, the Atiq Grand Mosque of Shiraz and the Gahvareh Div.

However, it is not an easy task to list all the sightseeing places of Shiraz.

Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

The best season to travel to Shiraz

Due to its many historical, religious, cultural and natural attractions, Shiraz attracts many tourists. Tourists definitely visit the city during their trip to Iran.

The city of Shiraz is beautiful and attractive in all seasons and months, but we cannot deny the fact that spring is the most beautiful season. In fact, May is the best time to travel to Shiraz, because it has a unique atmosphere. The fragrance of bitter orange blossoms in Shiraz wafts in the air in May.

May 5th is registered in the Iranian national calendar as the Shiraz Day and it shows the great importance of the historical city.

Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

More pictures from the Flower and Bird Museum of Shiraz

This historical house is 300 square meters. The museum is located at No 77, 15th Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi Blvd., in Shiraz.

The pictures have been taken and published by the Arya Heritage News Agency:

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