Iran Expresses Sympathy over Death of Tass Reporter in Tehran

bahram qassemi

Iranian foreign ministry has expressed grief and offered condolences over the sudden death of Konstantin Kazeev, the correspondent of Russia’s Tass news agency in Tehran.

In a statement on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi offered condolences over the demise of Kazeev, the ‘professional’ and ‘experienced’ correspondent of the Tass news agency in Tehran.

Qassemi described the news as a source of deep sorrow on the National Journalists’ Day, and expressed sympathy with the media community, his family and colleagues.

Kazeev was an excellent expert in history, culture and policy of Iran, according to Russian media. He selflessly and brightly covered the major events in the region, and worked at the international conferences on Iran and the Middle East.

Kazeev was a benevolent and cheerful person, whose friends and colleagues are shocked by his premature demise.

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