Monday, January 17, 2022

Iran Exporting Lab Equipment to Europe, Asia, South America

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Twenty knowledge-based companies in Iran are exporting a wide range of laboratory equipment to China, South Korea, Malaysia, Ecuador, Cuba, and some European countries.

With the help of the Export Development & Technology Exchange Corridor of the Iranian Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, at least 20 companies participating in the Iran-Made Exhibition of Equipment and Materials have managed to export their medical and laboratory equipment products.

“As the Vice Presidency’s Export branch, we provide knowledge-based and technology-based companies with the services to increase their exports,” said Masoud Hafezi, an International Business Development official at the Vice Presidency.

“At least 20 companies in the field of laboratory equipment and materials have managed to export their products to different countries in the past two years with the assistance of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. China, South Korea, Ecuador, Malaysia, Cuba and European countries were among the export destinations that Iranian-based products were sent to,” added Hafezi.

Referring to various services offered, he said, “To help knowledge-based companies to export their products, showrooms are set up for export purposes so that visitors can get acquainted with the quality of Iranian goods.”

Business meetings with foreign clients is another service that these companies enjoy with the assistance of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and the agencies affiliated with it.

Technological companies interested in receiving services from the Vice Presidency are first evaluated to measure their export performance, he noted.

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