Iran expects China to help settle nuclear dispute with P5+1


The Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized Beijing’s strong will for boosting comprehensive, long-term, and strategic relations with Iran.

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said that Iran expects China to help settle the nuclear dispute with the Western governments. He said that they must show political will for the purpose.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

He said that the strategic Tehran-Beijing cooperation is of significance for expansion of regional security and stability.

“China has always had close cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and at this juncture, we need to lead the relations towards the establishment of comprehensive strategic cooperation,” said the Iranian president.

He expressed hope that China’s cooperation in the framework of the Iran-P5+1 (UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany) will lead to the realization of the Iranian nation’s rights in a comprehensive agreement.

The Chinese foreign minister conveyed the Chinese president’s warm greetings to his Iranian counterpart and emphasized Beijing’s strong will for boosting comprehensive, long term, and strategic relations with Iran.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi referred to the upcoming visit to Tehran by the Chinese president, and said the visit can transform bilateral relations in a historic way and open a new chapter in Iran-China ties.

On Iran’s nuclear activities and some governments’ counterproductive efforts to block its path, the Chinese top diplomat said that the Leader of Islamic Revolution and President Rouhani have both many times emphasized that the Iranian nuclear activities are merely for peaceful purposes, and not for manufacturing nuclear weapons.

‘This approach is very effective in resolving Iran’s nuclear dispute,’ he added, hoping for near future signing of a comprehensive agreement on the issue.

He said that such an agreement will end foreign interference in Iran’s development drive. As a very important country, Iran can play a more important role in regional and international arenas.



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