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Iran dubs US decision on denying visa as ‘unwise’

Iran’s representative body to the UN has dubbed a White House decision to deny visa for Iran’s ambassador to the UN as ‘unwise' and 'illegal'.


After the White House had announced that the US would not issue visa for Hamid Abutalebi, Iran’s representative body to the UN issued a statement, saying that the US act violated the country’s commitments in hosting the UN. “The act was also violation of countries’ natural rights and independence in appointing their permanent ambassadors,” the statement said, and that “the Islamic Republic of Iran would exploit all diplomatic possibilities to counteract this illegal act.”

UN still silent on US visa denial to Iran’s representative

The UN spokesperson refused to reveal any view of the US denial of visa to Iran’s would-be ambassador to the UN.

Dujarric said that neither the US nor Iran had asked for a ruling. “But the US informing the UN of its decision should trigger some statement,” the Inner Press quoted him to say.

Asked by Iran’s state TV reporter about the issue, Dujarric reiterated the UN former position. “This is a bilateral issue between Iran and the US, and the UN would not intervene,” he believed.

The statement by the UN spokesperson comes while; the Host Country Agreement makes the US committed to see necessary arrangements to facilitate the visa attainment for countries’ representatives to the UN.

The press meeting of the UN spokesperson was held an hour before the official statement by the White House’s Jay Carney that the US would not issue a visa for Mr. Abutalebi.

The UN spokesperson expressed hope that the US and Iran settle the issue successfully. Asked by a reporter as to the US commitment according to Host Country Agreement and commitment to facilitate visa acquirement, he told that the Agreement had clearly asserted the commitments by the UN and the US, “but in this particular case, I have no idea.”

The Innercity Press reporter asked the spokesperson “That is, since the Host Country Agreement hasn’t changed, why hasn’t the UN simply reiterated its precedential ruling on Arafat? Is the only difference the change in Secretaries General?” to which Dujarric told answered that the Host Country Agreement was in place which was signed immediately after the UN was established. “The verdict, however, had given after seeking the official position of the host country,” he added.

“About the issue of Iran’s ambassador to the UN, the US has not yet officially communicated the decision to the UN,” he said.

After the US had postponed issuing of a visa to Mr. Abutalebi, Iran’s proposed ambassador to the UN, political sensitivities had been in a record high.

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