Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Iran dismisses media reports on its nuclear activities as “inaccurate, false”

Caretaker of the Office of Iran’s Permanent Representative in International Organizations in Vienna has dismissed western media reports about the latest report by the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Organization on Iran as “inaccurate, false and biased”.

Mohammad Reza Ghaebi says the report, cited by media, is a technical update by Rafael Grossi that details the latest on Iran’s nuclear activities.

“The report declares that, following Iran’s notice to the agency on January 19 on its decision to produce centrifuge rotor tubes in a new location in the city of Isfahan, rather than the city of Karaj, the agency’s inspectors, on January 22, made the necessary preparations in Karaj and removed CCTVs and production of centrifuge rotor rubes was halted in that location.”

The Iranian official added, “The cameras then were installed in Isfahan on January 24, without the inspectors having access to the data in their memory cards, and the data will not be made available to the agency and will be saved in Iran, before Iran resumes implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. This is why the agency has announced that it cannot verify if the production of centrifuge parts has begun in Isfahan,” he said.

“It has also been announced that Iran, on April 4, notified the agency that all machines for production of centrifuges in Karaj have been transferred to Natanz and on the same day the agency’s inspectors verified that all of them are inactive.”

Iran and the IAEA have been in talks to resolve a number of issues the agency calls “of concern” regarding the country’s nuclear activities.

The western parties to the nuclear deal say these should be ironed out before an agreement could be reached in Vienna on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal.

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