Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iran says deal with Saudi Arabia to serve regional states

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani says the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic ties can serve as a propulsion engine for movement toward regional stability.

Kanaani noted that this will be in the interest of all sides. He also said the normalization of ties between Tehran and Riyadh was one of the most important developments in the Persian year of 1401.

Kanaani noted that the agreement will play a key role in regional convergence and expanding cooperation in the region.

He said in light of regionalism based on mutual interests, one can be hopeful that the future of the West Asian region and the Persian Gulf will be prosperous given its strategic importance as well as its rich energy resources.

Kanaani underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran extends a hand to neighbors and believes it is high time differences were resolved in favor of regional nations.

Kanaani stressed that convergence and cooperation between Muslim countries is in the best interests of the Muslim world, adding that the deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia can pave the way for a new trend in the region.

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