Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran court orders 9 US entities, ex-officials to pay compensation over 2017 Daesh terror attacks in Tehran

A court in Tehran has ordered nine American institutes and nationals, including two ex-presidents, to pay a compensation of nearly $313 million to the families of two Daesh terror attacks in Iran given “Washington’s role in the creation of the Takfiri outfit.”

The verdict was issued by the 55th branch of the Tehran Court of Justice in response to a case brought before the tribunal by the families of 3 out of the 17 martyrs and 6 of the 43 people injured in the two Daesh attacks that targeted the Iranian Parliament and the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in a single day in 2017.

Following a hearing process, the court ruled that nine US institutions and individuals, including former US presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, must pay a total of $312.9 million in damages to the families of the martyrs and those wounded.

Justifying the ruling, the court said, “Daesh crimes were attributed to the US due to Washington’s role in creating and supporting Daesh, as widely reported in media and confessed by the US officials themselves in their books and speeches.”

In one of such confessions, Robert F. Kennedy, who is currently running for the Democratic Party nomination for the US presidency, openly said at a campaign event that the US created Daesh and sent millions of refugees to Europe.

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