Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iran Condemns New US Sanctions as ‘Provocative, Illegal’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has condemned the latest sanctions imposed by the US government on a number of Iranian nationals over false accusations.

Bahram Qassemi dismissed as provocative and illegal the US government’s slapping sanctions on several Iranian nationals as well as a company operating in the field of engineering and technology services under the pretext and the false accusation that Iran was conducting activities in the cyberspace against American academic institutions.

In a Friday statement, Qassemi said the move lacked any justifiable reason and was yet another clear sign of the US ruling elite’s inherent hostility and enmity towards the Iranian nation.

“Indubitably, the US will not be able to use such ploys to stop or prevent Iranian people’s scientific progress,” said Qassemi.

The Trump administration on Friday announced sanctions and criminal indictments against an alleged Iranian hacker network it claimed was involved in “one of the largest state-sponsored hacking campaigns” ever prosecuted by the United States, targeting hundreds of US and foreign universities, as well as dozens of US companies and government agencies, and the United Nations.

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