Monday, April 22, 2024

Iran Condemns Expansion of EU, US Sanctions on Syria

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has condemned the expansion of European Union and United States sanctions against Damascus, saying that such sanctions will only target the Syrian people.

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said in a statement on Friday that the increase of the EU and US sanctions against the Syrian people is an unlawful and inhumane move, and that most of the negative consequences and harms of such bans will be borne by the ordinary people and citizens of Syria.

Mousavi described sanctions as an inhumane tool that directly and seriously jeopardises human rights.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran expresses solidarity with the resilient nation and government of Syria and calls for the lifting of all anti-human sanctions against Damascus so that the Syrians can meet their basic needs and repair the damages caused by Western-backed terrorist attacks against the country’s infrastructure with the help of the international community,” underlined Mousavi.

The European Union has renewed its sanctions against the Syrian government of for another year. The sanctions ban oil imports, certain investments, technology transfer that could aid the Arab country. These sanctions were first initiated in 2011.

The US has also imposed new financial sanctions against Syria as part of its so-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act – also known as the Caesar Act.

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