Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iran Becomes Third Largest Producer of Orthokine PRP Kits

Orthokine therapy, a form of injection therapy which harnesses and enhances the body's natural defence mechanisms against inflammation to reduce pain and improve function, is no longer considered a luxurious therapy in Iran anymore.

Mohammad-Hossein Arjangian, the CEO of a knowledge-based company, has told IRNA that the country is now the third largest producer of Orthokine kits after the US and Germany.

He highlighted the importance of the product in treatment of arthritis, adding that the cost of producing an Iranian kit is one-third of a similar foreign sample.

He further noted that the technology is not just used in the field of orthopedics and can also be used to treat burns, diabetes and ulcers.

The CEO of the knowledge-based company, which is affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said that they are cooperating with the Research Centre for Dermatology and Stem Cell Research at Tehran University.

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“By manufacturing the first Orthokine PRP kits in our company, a gel of platelet derived from umbilical cord blood will be used in the treatment of burns and AB patients. This kit is also exported to Italy and is one of the world’s five best-selling kits,” noted Arjangian.

PRP is a natural tool for using blood elements of patients for repairing damage tissues in various parts of body including face, neck, abdomen, hands and body.

Today, this method is used in hair growth, wrinkles removal, bed sores and diabetic wounds, as well surgeries and the treatment of arthritis.

Treatment of arthritis is very costly and complicated. For this reason, PRP has been widely discussed in recent years as a promising way of treating symptoms and controlling arthritis in large joints.

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