Saturday, April 13, 2024

Iran: Azerbaijan Republic to be removed from transit route to Europe

Iran's Deputy Roads and Urban Development Minister Kheirollah Khademi has announced that the Republic of Azerbaijan will be removed from Iran's transit route to Europe.

Ahead of a trip to Armenia at the head of a technical and engineering delegation, Khademi said on Monday that Iran and Armenia will jointly complete a direct road between the two countries.

“The visit to Armenia is aimed at strengthening relations and cooperation in the development of the two countries’ transport infrastructure. In light of the problems that have arisen for heavy vehicles on this route, the construction of an alternative route in the north-south corridor and the elimination of a third country… is one of the most important goals of this trip,” the managing director of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company said.

“By cooperating with Armenia in completing the Tato road, Iran can easily reach Armenia and connect to Europe from there without having to cross Azerbaijan,” Khademi explained.

He said only 15 kilometers of the direct road remains to be completed and, when ready, it will play an important role in facilitating traffic in the north-south corridor and developing economic cooperation.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, without prior notice, recently imposed restrictions and taxes on Iranian trucks that carry goods from Iran to Armenia through the newly-liberated Karabakh region.

Iran says it must be informed about any new restrictions or taxes on Iranian commercial trucks through diplomatic channels.

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