Thursday, February 22, 2024

Iranian actor Amin Tarokh dies of heart failure aged 69

Famous Iranian actor Amin Tarokh has died of a heart disease at a hospital in Tehran.

Tarokh has starred in numerous movies and television series. He also taught acting.

After finishing high school in Shiraz, the capital city of Fars Province, Tarokh started his education at Tehran University.

He graduated from the university with a degree in cultural management. Tarokh started acting in 1973.

He made his cinematic debut by starring in the movie “Death of Yazdgerd III” directed by Bahram Beizaee, the renowned Iranian director.

The other remarkable roles he acted included that of Avicenna in the series “Abu Ali Sina”.
Tarokh has also won several awards in various festivals.

Tarokh was 69.

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