Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Internet Protection Bill to return to Iranian parliament’s floor

A member of the Iranian parliament’s presiding board has said the internet protection bill is back at the legislative body to be put to a vote.

On Monday morning, the bill was debated by MPs and 120 lawmakers voted for the bill’s return to parliament’s floor. 109 MPs didn’t vote for the bill’s return to the parliament floor and that means it must be reviewed at the joint commission of the legislature.

Alireza Salimi, the member of the Iranian parliament’s presiding board said parliament’s going to soon debate the bill.

A special parliamentary committee in late February ratified the outlines of the legislation that critics believe will lead to tighter restrictions on online activity in Iran.

The Protection Bill was first introduced three years ago but MPs temporarily shelved it last July after business groups and internet users said it would harm them.

Supporters of the legislation argue that it will protect the moral integrity of the internet and the society against vices

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